Membership Benefits


Membership at a national level is characterized by different players in the supply chain of the aerosol industry:


  • Aerosol fillers (those who manufacture in a country)
  • Aerosol marketers (those who place aerosols on the national market but do not manufacture in the country)
  • Aerosol packaging component suppliers (e.g. aerosol containers, valves, caps)
  • Aerosol propellant suppliers (those who supply liquefied and compressed gas propellants)
  • Other companies related to the aerosol industry (e.g. test labs, suppliers of test equipment, filling lines, gas houses)

Advantages of becoming a member

Broad financial support allows National Associations and the FEA to continue to achieve benefits for the aerosol industry at the lowest costs per company. Tangible benefits include:

  • Aerosol Industry representation of common interests to UN, European and national authorities
  • Early warnings on issues impacting the aerosol industry
  • Protection of business interests in case of crisis
  • Access to numerous European legislative developments
  • Networking with members across the supply chain
  • Valuable opportunities to participate or get information from FEA task forces created on an ad-hoc basis to achieve specific tasks (at national and/or FEA level)
  • Valuable opportunities to participate or get information from FEA working groups related to consumer health & safety, industrial and environmental issues (at national and/or FEA level)
  • Access to FEA standards, guides and key briefing papers
  • Participation in industry specific workshops and seminars
  • Estimation of the market trends supported by statistical data
  • Communication initiatives to improve the image of the industry and its products

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