Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive

The Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC covers all packaging placed on the market in the European Union and all packaging waste, whether it is used or released at industrial, commercial, office, shop, service, household or any other level regardless of the material used.

The Member States must further develop systems for the return and/or collection of used packaging in order to attain, amongst other aspects, the following minimum targets for recycling: 80% of ferrous metals and 60% of aluminium contained in packaging waste.

Aerosol containers are generally made from steel or aluminium; permanent materials with established market demand. Recycling is FEA’s preferred route for recovering the value of used up (i.e. empty) aerosols and recommends that aerosols are included in waste packaging recycling schemes.

The current recycling trend shows that empty aerosols can be included in the normal household waste packaging stream effectively without causing concern. Large numbers of used up aerosols are already being recycled successfully around the world.

FEA continues to work responsibly to secure a safe and effective recycling of all aerosols towards a circular economy. Therefore, FEA also collaborates with Petcore Europe in order to anticipate the need to recycle higher amounts of plastic aerosols.