REACH Regulation

The successful implementation of the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 is important for the aerosol fillers that are ‘Downstream Users’ under this major piece of chemical legislation.

The BAMA/FEA Indoor Air Model can be helpful in performing exposure assessments under the REACH Regulation and is then described in the ECHA Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment, Chapter R.15: Consumer exposure assessment.

The BAMA/FEA Indoor Air Model has also been used in the A.I.S.E. REACT tool.

FEA is a founding member of the Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination group (DUCC) a platform of European associations which represents downstream industries ranging from cosmetics and detergents to aerosols, paints, inks, toners, pressroom chemicals, adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, fragrances, disinfectants, specialty chemicals, lubricants and chemical distributor industries.
DUCC’s main objective is to commonly contribute to the successful implementation of the REACH Regulation’s requirements.

FEA interacts with relevant manufacturers and downstream users to ensure the appropriate covering of the propellants and main solvents uses of all aerosol products. FEA actively supported A.I.S.E. for the development of Specific Consumers Exposure Determinants (SCEDs) to facilitate consumer exposure assessments for Air Care aerosol products and polishes/wax spray products.

FEA is also an ECHA’s accredited stakeholder organisation and provides a focused expertise on an ad hoc base.