Aerosols combine
high performance
and convenience

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Aerosols make a
positive contribution
to everyday life

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Large numbers of
consumed aerosols are
recycled in the normal
household waste packaging
stream worldwide

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The full set of FEA standards, available in three languages, provides technical standards developed by and within the European aerosol industry.

Fea Releases The Third Edition Of Its Fea Guidelines On Basic Safety Requirements In Aerosol Storage


FEA Statistics Report 2015

The FEA Statistics Report offers an annual update of the European aerosol production figures. It gives figures for production in each European country by product category and compares it with the prev......

19 December 2016
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Highlights on Aerosol History

The following information offers a brief historical overview of the aerosol industry starting from the 1920s until the present decade.......

19 October 2016
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Revised standard FEA 603 is now available

FEA 603 – Filled aerosol packs – Guidelines to test long-term preservation and to measure the loss of weight The mechanical resistance of the aerosol dispenser must not be impaired by the actio......

07 June 2017
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FEA releases second edition of two of its guidlines Read More

Guide on Hot Water Bath Testing and Its Alternatives - 2nd edition Over several years the FEA has investigated possible alternatives to the traditional water bath. This Guide is recommended by FEA......

18 October 2016
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